Mastercutor Alive 2CD DIGI
Mastercutor Alive 2CD DIGI Mastercutor Alive 2CD DIGI


Mastercutor Alive 2CD DIGI

Artist: U.D.O.
Label: Golden Core / ZYX / Metal Mind

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: GER
Style: catchy powerful heavy metal live

do not be fooled - regardless the album title it features only few tracks from latest release of Teutonic heavy metal icon, with couple of songs added from other recent albums, while the rest of twenty+ live numbers are simply best of U.D.O. and Accept - yes they perform no less than eleven tracks of former band, including Midnight Mover, Princess of the Dawn, Living for Tonite, Metal Heart, Balls to the Wall, and Fast as a Shark, and that is the only option when you are facing the die-hard crowd in Tuttlingen's Stadthalle in Germany; exceptional show was tracked on 3rd May 2008, celebrating twenty years of legendary ensemble; limited Polish three panel double digipak edition