Turisas2013 CD DIGI
Turisas2013 CD DIGI Turisas2013 CD DIGI Turisas2013 CD DIGI


Turisas2013 CD DIGI

Label: Century Media
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: expressive cinematic viking power metal

Finnish savages keep on entertaining themselves and the loyal fanbase not just by chopping heads in videos, but also with the most radio-friendly material to date, that might be titled as viking power metal perhaps - not that it is so hopeless, but more intense parts are traded for traditional metal structures, definitely with highly epic, orchestrated and cinematic trademark these dudes are well known for; catchy and powerful, fist-pumping Nordic hymns seriously impress if you are into heroic literature and movies; limited digipak edition comes with modified cover artwork and bonus patch