Operation Torment CD DIGI
Operation Torment CD DIGI Operation Torment CD DIGI


Operation Torment CD DIGI

Label: Infernö
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: SIN
Style: raging catchy straightforward thrash metal

debut longplay by bullet-belt armed, no-holds-barred, raging and angst-ridden, straightforward thrash metal all female crew from Singapore, that is active for eight years - doesn't it sound like a hottest dream of every extreme music addict?!; familiar yet catchy riffs, sharp vocal attack by Neezie, and uptempo rhythmical combinations guarantee a moshpit in the room, while obligatory Kreator Tormentor cover proves them to have quite some reserve for the future; first press digipak edition is limited to 500 units