Anno Domini CD
Anno Domini CD Anno Domini CD Anno Domini CD


Anno Domini CD

Label: Saturnus
Price: 30€

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: HUN
Style: mystical harsh haunting black metal

what first was meant to happen the second demo tape of obscure Eastern European band, later on materialized as one of the most inspiring records [1988] of enigmatic, haunting and mysterious black metal with demonic spirit and dark message, transmitted via evocative lyrics with historical and esoteric references; still in its primordial form, ferocious extreme music rips through the speakers thanks to soul-tearing musicianship and unbeatable voice techniques of Attila Csihar [Mayhem]; recent re-issue by Attila's own label comes with improved sound quality via new mastering worked from the original tape, as well as new cover artwork and design updated with vintage images