Thorns vs Emperor LP
Thorns vs Emperor LP Thorns vs Emperor LP Thorns vs Emperor LP


Thorns vs Emperor LP

Label: Peaceville
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: dark experimental industrial black metal

this unique collaboration album [1999] of two elitist Norwegian hordes has been conceived at a very hot time for everyone involved, but their positions were different at the time: Emperor have been reigning the scene, while Thorns was still a dark horse to be discovered - that is why overall approach is leaning towards quite experimental nature of sound, where the former got an option to dare go in an unexpected direction, and the latter firmly develops Snorre's unique vision; both black metal and dark industrial are combined into one splendid visionary experience, where bands cover each other, Emperor doing Ærie Descent and Thorns answering with Cosmic Keys, while Satyr [Satyricon] does guest vocals on Thorns tracks; first time in history - British black 180g vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed lyric inner sleeve