Of Darkness... 2LP
Of Darkness... 2LP Of Darkness... 2LP


Of Darkness... 2LP

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: dark aggressive fundamental death metal

historical debut full-length [1991] by kult Scandinavian band marks their early, rough and pure fundamental death metal era, manifesting primeval aggression and enriched by obscure atmosphere, that sounds closer to the bands like early Tiamat, Desultory or Merciless, not to forget vicious thrashy influence; recorded at legendary Sunlight Studio in six days of autumn of 1990, it is an impressive monument to the time that passed; recent gatefold sleeve double white 180g vinyl edition comes with four demo and unreleased versions of album songs as bonus, and exclusive A2 sized poster, printrun is limited to 200 units