Mandylion CD DIGI
Mandylion CD DIGI Mandylion CD DIGI Mandylion CD DIGI


Mandylion CD DIGI

Label: Century Media / Psychonaut

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: NED
Style: expressive emotional ethereal atmospheric metal

third full-length [1995] of Dutch visionaries marks the arrival of new and permanent singer, the charmy Anneke van Giersbergen, and it has changed the ethereal progressive atmospheric metal world forever - these eight amazingly confident and cohesive tracks have instantly become a groundbreaking, fundamental achievement for the band, and prompted the rise of a new subgenre with emotional song structures and female vocalists; still, it is Anneke's impressive range and feeling, combined with masterful instrumentation of the guys that did the magic; recent Dutch three panel digifile edition comes with a remastered sound