The Doors CD
The Doors CD The Doors CD The Doors CD


The Doors CD

Label: Rhino / Warner

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fundamental epic trippy psychedelic rock

a stoned, immaculate classic of psychedelic rock music, the perfect and most essential debut [1967] of iconic American four-piece, mesmerizes from the very start with impetuous Break on Through and continues with the top hits like Light My Fire and Alabama Song, as well as the mum-shagging epic of misanthropy The End, showcasing the flowing and brilliant Ray Manzarek's organ as well as exceptional and dramatic Jim Morrison's voice - surrealism and dark existentialism pervade from the very start of their illustrious career, where every bit of music is simply divine; recent 40th anniversary of the band super jewel box edition comes with a fully remixed and remastered sound, extensive liner notes, heaps of vintage photos in the booklet, and three bonuses