Strange Days CD
Strange Days CD Strange Days CD Strange Days CD


Strange Days CD

Label: Rhino / Warner
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fundamental epic trippy psychedelic rock

right after presenting their debut, the new found psychedelic rock idols crash into Sunset Sound studio to record its follower album [1967], redefining their uncompromising art, containing some of the quartet's finest work, from the memorable quirkiness of People Are Strange and Moonlight Drive up to the epic apocalyptic vision of When The Music's Over, meanwhile graphic Horse Latitudes confirms Morrison's wish to be viewed as a poet, where every creative nuance and angled inflection bore an immense emotional intensity, while disturbing timbre of Ray Manzarek's organ provides the musical cloak through which guitarist Robbie Krieger projects his ideas on; recent 40th anniversary of the band super jewel box edition comes with a fully remixed and remastered sound, extensive liner notes, heaps of vintage photos in the booklet, and two quite rare bonuses