Morrison Hotel CD
Morrison Hotel CD Morrison Hotel CD Morrison Hotel CD


Morrison Hotel CD

Label: Rhino / Warner
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fundamental epic trippy psychedelic rock

fifth magnificent album [1970] in four years throws off complex conundrums, stripping away some of the psychedelia and the orchestral ambitions of earlier releases, reaffirming their blues roots and returning the band to a critical favor this way; the opener Roadhouse Blues is elemental and hard driving, further unfolding through a succession of songs, showcasing all the group members' considerable strengths; distinctively tight instrumental playing underscores memorable material, while Jim's haunting authoritative vocals range from the demonstrative to the evocative and melancholic; recent 40th anniversary of the band super jewel box edition comes with a fully remixed and remastered sound, extensive liner notes, heaps of vintage photos in the booklet, and ten bonuses