L.A. Woman CD
L.A. Woman CD L.A. Woman CD L.A. Woman CD


L.A. Woman CD

Label: Rhino / Warner
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fundamental epic trippy psychedelic rock

the final Doors album [1971] to feature vocalist Jim Morrison reaffirmed the quartet's grasp of blues rock - they cast pressures aside and record a handful of their most memorable compositions with straight stripped down sound, yet uniformly excellent musicianship, where somewhat ragged and weather-worn voice of Morrison adds its fiercely unmistakable resonance to it; highlights include a breezy, chugging title track, riding on a thrumming bass line and Krieger's fluid licks, and the album's indisputable standout, one of the most compelling, evocative songs in their catalogue, the eerie rain and the funeral electric piano driven Riders on The Storm; recent 40th anniversary of the band super jewel box edition features John Lee Hooker and Willie Dixon covers, and comes with fully remixed and remastered sound, extensive liner notes, heaps of vintage photos in the booklet, and two bonuses