The Gathering CD DIGI
The Gathering CD DIGI The Gathering CD DIGI The Gathering CD DIGI


The Gathering CD DIGI

Label: Burnt Offerings / USG / East West

Release Year: 1999
Artist Origin: USA
Style: energetic dynamic catchy thrash metal

along with The New Order, this is one of the most significant Testament releases, especially when it comes to absolutely pure and catchy thrash metal formula; it is impossible to resist against precisely composed songs with mean riffs and memorable choruses, and when line-up is crammed with megastars like Dave Lombardo on drums or Steve DiGiorgio on bass, as well as James Murphy on lead guitars, you just fall down with convulsions of pleasure!; last but not least, this record features Chuck Billy's most vicious vocal performance, returning to his classic thrashy pitch; German three panel digipak edition comes with foldout booklet/poster