Dark Roots of Earth 2LP
Dark Roots of Earth 2LP Dark Roots of Earth 2LP Dark Roots of Earth 2LP


Dark Roots of Earth 2LP

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: USA
Style: relentless expressive energetic thrash metal

a pleasure to confirm that second album [2012] after restart of notorious and almighty Testament is a pure revelation of the genre, just like everybody expected it to be!; nine triumphant compositions simply blow the brains out by their neat mastery, sporting a perfect combination of classic thrash authenticity, strong penetrating spirit and immense vivid production, where energy explodes from every note of music recorded; it is complemented by a flawless drum work by legendary Gene Hoglan [Dark Angel, Death], who crowns this unbeatable record indeed!; recent gatefold sleeve double black vinyl edition comes with three bonus covers by Queen, Scorpions and Iron Maiden on side D