World Downfall CD
World Downfall CD World Downfall CD World Downfall CD


World Downfall CD

Label: Earache
Price: 15€

Release Year: 1989
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fundamental extreme grind/death metal

this album is utterly essential, charismatic grinding death metal milestone, the pinnacle of the entire genre: brief but recognizable songs blur seamlessly into one another, starting with violent After World Obliteration, and climaxing with the incredible Dead Shall Rise; infamous line-up features David Vincent on bass and vocals - as session member, Pete Sandoval [both - ex.Morbid Angel] on drums, and the late Jesse Pintado [ex.Napalm Death] on guitars, alongside the energetic Oscar Garcia [Nausea] on vocals!; sixteen tracks keep inspiring brutal generations for three decades now!, recent British green cover edition