Chemical Invasion CD DIGI
Chemical Invasion CD DIGI Chemical Invasion CD DIGI


Chemical Invasion CD DIGI

Label: Noise / Sanctuary / BMG
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: GER
Style: intense raging energetic thrash metal

sophomore Tankard opus [1987] is a great proof that lightning may strike twice, and even more times if you please, as soon as it comes to Teutonic thrash metal mongos - more alcohol, more direct, flamboyant, party-friendly style and yet more catchiness on these ten die-hard revolting songs!; it might sound dirty, but it is absolutely sincere, true and real metal, no poser attitude allowed!; recent deluxe digipak edition of one of the defining genre's classics comes with a remastered sound, vintage photo set and new interview with the band in the booklet - definitely not to be missed!