Beast of Bourbon LP
Beast of Bourbon LP Beast of Bourbon LP Beast of Bourbon LP


Beast of Bourbon LP

Label: AFM / High Roller

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: GER
Style: intense raging energetic thrash metal

songs of kult  thrashers, eternally addicted to sparkling liquids, are getting better and better with years - this longplay [2004] must be the most energetic and truest to German thrash metal ever, sounding as a musical catharsis, where each song is totally smashing and infectiously catchy, with excellent guitar riffs and smooth rhythmical fundament behind Gerre's vociferous commands of course - with each listen you find something pleasant to consume!; recent splatter blue, red/white dotted vinyl edition with a massive four page 12x12" insert and We're Coming Back bonus is limited to 250 units