Stridens Hus CD DIGI
Stridens Hus CD DIGI Stridens Hus CD DIGI Stridens Hus CD DIGI


Stridens Hus CD DIGI

Artist: TAAKE
Label: Svartekunst / Dark Essence / Karisma
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: powerful sharp grim black metal

not much details were provided about the making of sixth output by legendary Hoest, except the fact of many guest appearances, but otherwise it is about actual music which is kept in best traditions of the genre that does the loudest talking; regardless of small deviations, Taake always kept close to primordial TNBM formula, and this time round it is as never evident - while staying on grim and intense side of dynamics, seven tracks are full of piercing northern harmonies as well, creating catchy, intriguing and apt drama of its own; Norwegian digipak edition is limited to the first press