Noregs Vaapen CD
Noregs Vaapen CD Noregs Vaapen CD Noregs Vaapen CD


Noregs Vaapen CD

Artist: TAAKE
Label: Svartekunst / Dark Essence / Karisma
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: powerful poignant grim black metal

Norway's Weapon is the fifth full-length insult of controversial Hoest and his cohorts, thrilling the ears with poignant, masterful riffs, solid composition that comes from fundamental black metal roots, sinister grim emotions and pure artistic transcendence; utterly convincing record in seven parts bursts with openly provocative lyrics that hail the virtues of the progenitors, and that infamous banjo solo in Myr must be mentioned as well, sharpening the senses to the max; jewel case edition comes with Nordbundet video