The Arcanum CD
The Arcanum CD


The Arcanum CD

Label: AFM
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: GER
Style: harmonious blackened folk death metal

fourth full-length [2000] by expressively harmonious and slightly blackened folk/medieval death metal crew was recorded by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio, while its songs breath both a streamlined coherence and unbridled chaos, which is much more refined and improved comparing to early records nonetheless, so the contents are easier accessible, especially due to infectious folk themes and clean vocal choruses, still maintaining fast and furious crushers quite as many in number; the finishing The One Piece Puzzle is an excellent Skyclad cover, while this latest re-issue with a remastered sound includes in addition three more covers by In Flames, Amorphis and AC/DC as bonus, already recorded in 2011