The Art of Rebellion CD
The Art of Rebellion CD The Art of Rebellion CD The Art of Rebellion CD


The Art of Rebellion CD

Label: Epic / Sony
Price: 12€

Release Year: 1992
Artist Origin: USA
Style: energetic dynamic alternative heavy metal

like many other American thrash bands at the time, these crossover maniacs have also moved to try something different, going even further into the musically richer and more varied direction, exploring alternative kinds of music and becoming more accessible; mind you, energetic and raw tunes with rebellious spirit are equally present - dudes have turned it into a personal challenge to combine them with radio-friendly material, proving that real mastership is not about one particular subgenre, but compositional skills; so, along Testament's Ritual this is perhaps most successful jump into softer metal/rock milieu in post-thrash era; recent edition comes with authentic design