Destiny 2CD
Destiny 2CD Destiny 2CD Destiny 2CD


Destiny 2CD

Label: Ear / Edel

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: melodic neosymphonic power heavy metal

eighth full-length album [1998] from expressive power metal golden era is considered the most impressive exposure of Finnish heavy export achieved with classic line-up, stellar performance and recognizable characteristics that are indeed unforgettable: epic, grandiose riffs and catchy choruses expressively clash with piercing harmonies and apt neosymphonic elements, setting up a dynamic whirlwind of emotions transmitted by consistent and innovative composing; recent European edition comes with a remastered sound, thick booklet updated with brand new liner notes, three bonuses including Scorpions Blackout cover, and additional disc featuring rare live Visions of Destiny bootleg album, tracked in Helsinki, October 1999 during the accompanying tour