The Art to Disappear CD DIGI
The Art to Disappear CD DIGI The Art to Disappear CD DIGI


The Art to Disappear CD DIGI

Artist: SPEKTR
Label: Agonia
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: FRA
Style: harsh disturbing industrial black metal

mysterious French duo, well known for experimental and mind-altering approach to extreme blackened music, is back opening multiple realities with another genius recording, taking delight in delivering an infinitely dark, at times psychotic and disturbing tracks, transmuting the black metal reins into a loose form; shrouded in a veil of vocal-less, industrial and ambient-infected secrecy, their maiming and suffocating music stands as a metaphor for a trip into the uncomfortable unknown, and is perfect companion to the latest works of Mayhem or Deathspell Omega; limited three panel digipak edition