Decision Day 2LP+CD
Decision Day 2LP+CD Decision Day 2LP+CD Decision Day 2LP+CD


Decision Day 2LP+CD

Artist: SODOM
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: GER
Style: intense tough energetic thrash metal

after the Sacred Warpath EP which was not anyhow overexciting it was not most common to expect such an effective and devastating punch, yet the seasoned ensemble forgets all modesty and returns stronger than merciless stabs of the critics: fiery, malicious and destructive eleven track record knocks back to their heyday, simultaneously intensifying the sound and enjoying catchy licks to make the songs damn memorable at the same time; gatefold sleeve double coloured 180g vinyl edition comes with pro-printed inner sleeves, additional Predatory Instinct cut, and CD version of the album as bonus