Show No Mercy 2LP
Show No Mercy 2LP Show No Mercy 2LP Show No Mercy 2LP


Show No Mercy 2LP

Artist: SLAYER
Label: Metal Blade / Music For Nations

Release Year: 1988
Artist Origin: USA
Style: evil extreme violent thrash metal

none other debuting record has caused such a spontaneous and reinless reaction as the first recording of Slayer [1983], disarming both the hungry metalhads, craving for as heavy and as extreme sound as possible, and also colleagues around, displaying which direction the just born thrash metal genre must follow; their own stylistics were actually just shaping as well, while obvious Venom influence has caused mystical, blackened sound and ultimately infernal, devilish lyrical approach; deluxe authentic British gatefold sleeve double black 45rpm vinyl edition comes with Aggressive Perfector and Chemical Warfare bonuses plus A3 sized poster