Repentless LP
Repentless LP Repentless LP Repentless LP


Repentless LP

Artist: SLAYER
Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fundamental merciless aggressive thrash metal

the long-reigning thrash titans return back after a grave blow in a loss of genius guitar player, yet time never stands still and here is a new portion of crushing, brutal music with all trademark characteristics of the legendary band, hailing the harsh nowadays' reality; ultimately blood-shaking twelve song sonic attack [2015] sounds dark, fast and aggressive without a single trace of mercy, while both "newcomers", Holt and Bostaph, also massively contribute to its effective delivery; German gatefold sleeve bi-coloured orange-yellow vinyl edition is limited to 500 units, and eventually shall turn into a precious collector's gem