There Will Be Execution CD DIGI
There Will Be Execution CD DIGI


There Will Be Execution CD DIGI

Artist: SINNER
Label: Nuclear Blast / Metal Mind
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: GER
Style: dynamic catchy harmonious heavy metal

historical band run by Mat Sinner is most welcome to the new millennium in upgraded intense version - conventional Teutonic heavy metal simply rules the world with such strong records as this, thirteenth one [2003], combining addictive crunch and piercing harmonies with occasional hyper speed-ups to let the drama and pure energy in, while old buddy Ralf Scheepers [Primal Fear] appears as guest vocalist, proving there is a strong bond between; machine-numbered Polish digipak re-issue on golden disc with digitally remastered sound is limited to 2000 units and comes with three bonuses, including Mettallica and Accept covers, copy #0760/2000