The Blood Past CD
The Blood Past CD The Blood Past CD


The Blood Past CD

Label: Hammerheart
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: NED
Style: sharp commanding darkened death metal

earlier scattered among various releases, finally all pre-album tracks of early 1990-1992 era are collected together on this ultimate edition with a decent coordinated mastering done in prior - one of the most seriously determined entities of gritty and dark, yet poignant and convincing death metal both in the past and in our times was fast to occur in a spotlight, and regardless of some tracks are featured here no less than four times, it is a priceless, historical document, covering Where Is Your God Now...? 12" vinyl split [1990], Sinister 7"EP [1991], Perpetual Damnation demo [1990], Sinister / Monastery 7" vinyl split [1990], Sacramental Carnage demo [1991] and Nuclear Blast Sample 7" vinyl split [1992]