Syncretism 2CD DIGI
Syncretism 2CD DIGI Syncretism 2CD DIGI Syncretism 2CD DIGI


Syncretism 2CD DIGI

Label: Massacre
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: NED
Style: sharp intense darkened death metal

perhaps the most inspiring era for ferocious Dutch death metal overlords keeps rolling - following the pattern of releasing only massively impressive, convincing albums this last decade, the latest nine-track meat-grinder confirms such a grave tendency: precise combination of technique, ill-natured vibe, infernal domination and flawless production must be heard to believe, and whether in early years they have been slaying with a will and enthusiasm, so now the list of honours also includes solid mastership and experience; limited three panel double digipak edition comes with fourteen minute long Unhallowed Blood bonus track on second disc