Cross The Styx LP
Cross The Styx LP Cross The Styx LP Cross The Styx LP


Cross The Styx LP

Label: Cosmic Key Creations
Price: 30€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: NED
Style: sharp commanding darkened death metal

astounding debut longplay from the Netherlands [1992] with the heaviest and darkest riffing you could ever imagine, top-notch sound for raw, extreme and dynamic metal, and guttural roar of Mike van Mastrigt [ex.Houwitser] - all these components turn this exceptional record into a personal favorite of many fans of glorious band up to this day, with such undying anthems as Putrefying Remains, Epoch of Denial or the title track - an absolutely mandatory, compulsory death metal masterpiece!; recent Dutch black vinyl edition with authentic layout and pro-printed lyric inner sleeve is limited to 300 units