Scorn Defeat 2CD
Scorn Defeat 2CD Scorn Defeat 2CD Scorn Defeat 2CD


Scorn Defeat 2CD

Artist: SIGH
Label: Peaceville
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: JPN
Style: dramatic atmospheric avantgarde black metal

it is no secret that Tokyo three-piece have found themselves at the right time in the right place, as Euronymous, crazy about exotics, has taken care of the band exactly at the time when they started to move away from Venom-ish sound in search of originality, and this grandiloquent cult-considered full-length debut [1993] fixes one of the most thrilling works in history of entire genre, whose atmospheric whole covers both traditional thrash/heavy roots, unusual back in the day neosymphonic hints, poetic deviations, and of course subtle Eastern flavour, immediately distinguishing their sound from usual - seven part opus reveals the genius of Japanese, not losing an inch of its charm after all these years!; recent British double disc edition comes with authentic sound and front cover, interview with the band in the booklet, a myriad of bonus tracks in shape of demo versions, rough mixes, as well as ten track live show from March 17th 2013 in Tokyo, including Venom and Death covers, marking twenty years since the release of this album