Warning Blast CD DIGI
Warning Blast CD DIGI Warning Blast CD DIGI


Warning Blast CD DIGI

Label: Metal Blade

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: NED/USA
Style: infectious savage thrashing death metal

three Dutch and one Yankee have been around together back in 2013 as First Class Elite - five years fast forward the band is back with current moniker and debut longplay: experience with Asphyx and Hail of Bullets is obvious via slower numbers, and when they push the pedal of intensity harder, influences of stripped down straightforward thrash and even hardcore start to pop up, while Chris Reifert [Autopsy], that only American in a Transatlantic project and his vocal powers cause no less than half of the band's charisma - uncle Chris is full of energy and will to demolish, sometimes it feels like the Dutch have been writing songs for his trademark vocals first and foremost, useful in any direction Siege of Power would choose; limited digipak edition comes with two extra cuts