When Landscapes Bled Backwards CD
When Landscapes Bled Backwards CD


When Landscapes Bled Backwards CD

Label: Neurotic
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: GRE
Style: ferocious intricate technical death metal

technical death metal three-piece from Athens is remarkable first of all due to infamous drummer George Kollias who has been a part of its establishing and development, refining the skills while shaping a ferocious, poignant and peculiar style - debut album was also his farewell with Hellenic scene, putting all the accurate work into, while the contents are often compared to Obscura era Gorguts, or to put it in a more correct way - a bit more polished, catchier version of Canadian album in a similar breathtaking progressive direction with outstanding sonic waves of bass guitar, while George Antipatis could easily stand in for Luc Lemay at the microphone, if necessary; Dutch first press slipcase edition