Monotony Fields 2LP
Monotony Fields 2LP Monotony Fields 2LP Monotony Fields 2LP


Monotony Fields 2LP

Label: Season of Mist

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: heavy oppressing atmospheric doom metal

unbelievable eleven year crisis between the full-length albums is finally over: historical Finnish doom entity is ready to shut the mouths up with this massive, convincingly heavy, and magically capturing achievement, nonetheless filled to the bottom with atmosphere and melancholy; juxtaposing the rough and the mystic, they reach stunning state of compositional nirvana, haunting listeners with dueling vocals and immense power of instruments - if there is a top-notch album to set on a depressive mood lately, it is definitely coming from these Finns; second pressing of gatefold sleeve double black vinyl edition with Written in My Scars bonus is limited to 300 units