Chaos A.D. CD
Chaos A.D. CD Chaos A.D. CD Chaos A.D. CD


Chaos A.D. CD

Label: Roadrunner
Price: 12€

Release Year: 1993
Artist Origin: BRA
Style: modern straightforward groovy thrash metal

fifth studio full-length by Brazilian grand masters is a career-defining point for the band that split their fanbase as well between the early era and the new era - they were brave enough to try new things that eventually have brought the luminous four-piece into a new level; focused, dose-of-thunder kind of compositions have crystallized the new aesthetic: propulsive rhythms, gravel-voice shouting, and epic guitar riffs drenched in nerve-fraying distortion come together in a perfect marriage - more stripped-down approach, crushing, apocalyptic sound and fierce, straightforward structures dominate this essential record; recent European repress comes with authentic design and sound mastering