The Pagan Winter MLP
The Pagan Winter MLP The Pagan Winter MLP The Pagan Winter MLP


The Pagan Winter MLP

Label: VIC / Cosmic Key Creations
Price: 22€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: HUN
Style: haunting epic atmospheric black metal

the underground was acquainted with ambitious Hungarian entity of pagan black metal with a specific sound via their debut longplay in 1996, yet one year before they have already released the demo tape with tracks of the same mesmerizing direction, unpublished elsewhere - it was the first step of determined six-piece in a long evolution, and regardless that roughness of this recording tells about the early stage, epic music full of surprises easily justifies this recent black vinyl edition as well - limited to 200 units, first time ever press comes with a pro-printed lyric insert and additional In The Shadow of Another World track, recorded in November 1996