Aruagint LP
Aruagint LP Aruagint LP Aruagint LP


Aruagint LP

Artist: SARKE
Label: Indie / Black Sleeves

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: dark haunting groovy black metal

Aruagint is a self-made word that means a pathway, door, or gate into a darker place, claims the masterman of Norwegian black metal horde - third longplay [2013] of notorious musicians sounds dark, epic and groovy with a blackened aesthetic, haunting atmosphere and calculated coldness; radical performance is as never tight and refined, leaning more to doomy 70-ies reminiscences, yet giving depth and space to every instrument to come out with a remarkable production, while lunatic rasp of Nocturno Culto guarantees the blackest vibe imaginable; first time ever - gatefold sleeve vinyl edition with a lyric insert is limited to 300 units