Solar Soul CD DIGI
Solar Soul CD DIGI Solar Soul CD DIGI Solar Soul CD DIGI


Solar Soul CD DIGI

Artist: SAMAEL
Label: Nuclear Blast / Metal Mind
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: SWI
Style: rhythmic atmospheric dark black metal

expansion, rigour, eclectics and control - these four words basically define this powerful opus [2007] by notorious and constantly progressing Swiss entity, partly directing its creative nucleus back again to unique dark vibe with black metal aureole, bleakly reflected via haunting and intricate set; this is perhaps their most vital and memorable recording since 1996 or so, burning with assertive itch to rebel, lifting the aggression level up to consider this longplay seriously; exclusive limited and machine-numbered three panel digipak edition comes on golden disc with Architect bonus, copy #0415/2000