1987-1992 2CD
1987-1992 2CD 1987-1992 2CD 1987-1992 2CD


1987-1992 2CD

Artist: SAMAEL
Label: Century Media

Release Year: 1994
Artist Origin: SWI
Style: fundamental mystic satanic black metal

in late 1994 German label decided to re-release both first albums of enigmatic Swiss horde as a double package, since original editions were hard to find already, adding new artwork and liner notes by Wim Baelus along early images in twelve page booklet - Worship Him debut [1991] is an essential recording to develop another perspective for ever-rising black metal genre, into the pentagram pointing gloomy and cold satanic masterpiece, while its follow-up, Blood Ritual ceremony [1992] demonstrates the extreme metal community there is much more versatility and ambition to the group's songwriting than initially revealed by the legendary debut's rudimentary patterns; rare first press version!