Sleeptime MC
Sleeptime MC Sleeptime MC Sleeptime MC


Sleeptime MC

Label: Witching Hour
Price: 7€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: POL
Style: rough straightforward pagan black metal

Pomeranian three-piece was among the most important in shaping pagan black metal sound in mid nineties Eastern Europe, and this debut half an hour long demo tape [1994] sounded exceptional due to harsh yet high quality recording, close to what Graveland or Behemoth were getting back in the day, where relentless primal ferocity of Darkthrone and Bathory was slowly developing towards melody and epic nature; recent blue shelf tape edition comes with a remastered sound, insert brimming with vintage images, and additional Rarities repertoire on side B with nine earlier unreleased tracks from 1993's rehearsals and live shows