The Coming of Chaos CD
The Coming of Chaos CD The Coming of Chaos CD


The Coming of Chaos CD

Label: Century Media / Cosmic Key Creations
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: harmonious infernal blackened death metal

fundamental debut longplay of this infernal trio was too good to match its level in just sixteen months after that, yet Sacramentum get real close to that magical feel with their sophomore full-length [1997], in a way sharpening the approach and pushing the mesmerizing emotions closer to blackened death metal ends, sounding epic yet technically diverse, stripping the atmosphere on its way yet losing not an inch of catchy character of music anyway, aiming to distance this band from loads of other similar Swedish entities, and that makes these nine cuts to stand out indeed, backed up by poignant Andy LaRocque production; recent Dutch super jewel box re-issue with all new design is limited to 500 units only