Bolivian Demonslaught 2CD
Bolivian Demonslaught 2CD Bolivian Demonslaught 2CD


Bolivian Demonslaught 2CD

Label: Rawblackult
Price: 18€

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: JPN
Style: infectious primordial black heavy metal

if you know Sabbat, you shall be aware of Metalucifer as well - these two entities are close related, sharing few members and of course following the die-hard cult of true primeval metal from the eighties; Bolivian label has prepared this exclusive double compilation, featuring primarily Japanese versions of both bands' songs: Sabbat disc collects selected tracks from early 1985-1989 EP releases and Karisma full-length [1999], while Metalucifer responds with songs from Heavy Metal Hunter EP [1996] and Heavy Metal Hunting compilation [2005], with addition of three live tracks, recorded in Koblenz, Germany, on November 11th, 2000; standard edition with custom made cut-out strong cardboard booklet and unfolding inside back cover is limited to 200 units