Branded and Exiled LP
Branded and Exiled LP Branded and Exiled LP Branded and Exiled LP


Branded and Exiled LP

Label: Noise / Sanctuary / BMG
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: GER
Style: energetic dynamic heavy speed metal

sophomore hyperactive album [1985] from German metal stalwarts sees the entrance of Majk Moti on guitars, and marks an essential improvement in song structure, showcasing remarkably memorable performance - first of all the all-time hymns of metal like Chains and Leather and title track shall be mentioned, reflecting on the variety of speedy and dynamic songs versus anthemic and powerful anthems with heavier direction, while rusty old school production gives it a special vibe; recent deluxe black 180g vinyl edition comes with a newly remastered sound and pro-printed authentic lyric inner sleeve