Zjevení 2CD DIGI
Zjevení 2CD DIGI Zjevení 2CD DIGI Zjevení 2CD DIGI


Zjevení 2CD DIGI

Artist: ROOT
Label: Witching Hour
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: CZE
Style: haunting grim evil black metal

Root were among the first to record and release this debut longplay [1990] of haunting primitive black metal that along the Master's Hammer and Törr music was fundamental for the modern black metal movement, influencing myriads of other musicians; these violent and savage cuts are unique on their own, radiating cavernous and chilling aura with commanding, guttural, native Czech sung vocals by Jiří "Big Boss" Valter upfront, while poignant guitar parts and intense drumming assure powerful, harsh, riff-driven sound; recent collector's four panel double digipak edition comes with four live and studio bonuses, twelve page booklet mini poster, and additional eleven track concert album, tracked in June 1999 at Noc Plná Hvězd festival in Czechia