Born in The Coffin CD
Born in The Coffin CD Born in The Coffin CD Born in The Coffin CD


Born in The Coffin CD

Label: Huangquan

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: LTU
Style: gritty savage straightforward death metal

the heralds of Lithuanian extreme metal, leaders and inspirers of early era have attained appreciation and respect of their creation: a compilation album covers every bit of their short yet unforgettable career, starting with rough Under the Aegis of Darkness demo debut [1992], well familiar second Born in The Coffin demo [1993] and six track For Flinging Souls recording [1993], later issued in few different formats - the latter sounded the most effective and consistent with pretensions to an intricate next step, yet the band has abruptly called it quits...; first time ever - official CD edition with OBI strip and extra insert including Chinese translation of lyrics is limited to 500 units