Long Live Rock 'n' Roll CD
Long Live Rock 'n' Roll CD Long Live Rock 'n' Roll CD Long Live Rock 'n' Roll CD


Long Live Rock 'n' Roll CD

Label: Polydor / Universal
Price: 12€

Release Year: 1978
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: epic expressive hard heavy metal

third and the last from golden early Rainbow records sums up the short but ultimately mind-blowing and immensely influential era of hard'n heavy metal stalwarts, bursting out with eight catchy as hell numbers that push so much harder into the unexplored metal waters, in contrary what the album title suggests - of course we have an epic opener that many fans associate this record with, but it also has highly energetic, literally devastating Kill The King with its speedy approach and intensity, as well as intricate Lady of The Lake and bombastic Eastern-flavour adorned Gates of Babylon, all crowned by a trademark unmistakable expression of one and only Ronnie James; recent European edition comes with a remastered sound and authentic design