The Warning CD
The Warning CD The Warning CD The Warning CD


The Warning CD

Label: Capitol / EMI
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2003
Artist Origin: USA
Style: dramatic progressive power heavy metal

before sinking a teeth into the material it is not easy to realize why part of the fanbase consider the earliest recordings of Queensrÿche the most significant - indeed, in early years they have been following the American power/heavy metal tradition, yet starting with the first EP and this longplay debut recorded soon after [1984] dudes have brought a peculiar drama and mystical vibe into quite predictable genre, where voice range and mastership of vocalist Geoff Tate starts to blossom; more than that, nine tracks are united by environmental topics, with a warning coming about the upcoming catastrophe; interestingly enough, it was recorded in London UK, what was not most common practice for US bands; recent edition comes with a remastered sound, extensive liner notes in the booklet and three bonuses, two of which are tracked live