The God-Shaped Void CD
The God-Shaped Void CD The God-Shaped Void CD The God-Shaped Void CD


The God-Shaped Void CD

Label: Inside Out / Century Media / Sony
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: USA
Style: dramatic transcendental progressive heavy metal

legendary progressive metal innovators of San Diego from the nineties have been absent since their last studio effort in 1996, but eventually reformed in 2010, and ten more years fast forward here we go with their full original line-up version and so much anticipated brand new album, which is nothing but a blow in the face of skeptic opinions, accomplished by ultimately focused, charismatic musicians that have perfected every note, rhythmic twist and vocal pattern with recognizable features unique to PW exclusively, so transcendental ten track journey is both catchy and effective, where epic feel intertwines with sinister atmosphere, hypnotizing the connoisseurs of the genre along the trademark imagery by Travis Smith