Summon the Hordes LP
Summon the Hordes LP Summon the Hordes LP Summon the Hordes LP


Summon the Hordes LP

Label: High Roller
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: GER
Style: gritty extreme intense thrash metal

Martin Missy and his Swedish counterparts are back with the third studio effort this decade, and their seventh opus all in all, that sounds absolutely relentless, gritty and direct: slightly deathened thrash metal sends a listener through the tunnel of aggression and determination with undeniable spirit brought from the violent late eighties, skipping the unnecessary attempts to diverse the sound in spite of certain slow downs here and there, while a masterful production touch of Teutonic sound guru Harris Johns makes this a certain winner of an album; clear vinyl edition with extra poster is limited to 150 units