The Enemy of Virtue 2CD
The Enemy of Virtue 2CD The Enemy of Virtue 2CD The Enemy of Virtue 2CD


The Enemy of Virtue 2CD

Label: Hells Headbangers
Price: 17€

Release Year: 2006
Artist Origin: USA
Style: barbaric blasphemous black death metal

if anyone has a right to be tagged as Utmost Unholy Kult, then this mythic controversial entity from New York - an epitome of peculiarly uncompromising, noisy expression, while this double CD documents the entire history of filthy barbaric black metal, resurrecting from nowhere their early era that lasted just two years, before drastically falling apart while in studio in latter part of 1992: Putrescence of... demo [1990], Broken Throne of Christ demo [1990], Weeping in Heaven 7"EP [1991], tracks from Tormenting Holy Flesh split LP with Masacre [1992], and five previously unreleased tracks from final "lost" studio sessions [1992] are compulsory for any and all admirers of unique raw black metal, with addition of Broken Jew EP [2002], the unreleased Passion of A Liar 7"EP [2002], obscure rehearsal of Toten cover songs, and the first live performance in nine years [2001], totaling into 29 blasphemies with detailed info in the booklet; US import