To The Nameless Dead PLP
To The Nameless Dead PLP To The Nameless Dead PLP


To The Nameless Dead PLP

Label: Metal Blade
Price: 40€

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: IRL
Style: emotional mesmerizing epic pagan metal

this is highly exceptional recording [2007] by noble Irishmen, who managed to establish their own angle, keeping far away from the clichés of metal scene in general and pagan trends in particular: they live and breathe the spirit of their ancestors, putting unique experience into captivating creations, full of sorrow, tragedy and pain on one hand, and confidence, pride and strength on the other; mesmerizing music comes at you in beautiful fluid crushing waves both instrumentally and vocally, and urges to name this longplay their magnum opus; rare limited and hand-numbered German picture disk edition, copy #431/500